Ali Elsayed: Ya Gharami (My Beloved)


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This CD version of "Ya Gharami" comes with a beautiful 8 Panel Cover Including Arabic Lyrics and English Transliteration.

Along with the CD, you will get an 8 panel cover. The beautiful calligraphy on the cover was done by Muhammadan Art, and the amazing graphic design was done by Sana Naveed. You will also get the Arabic lyrics and their English transliteration for those who would like to learn these songs. Ya Gharami is no ordinary Nasheed Album, It is a celebration of the love of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Listen to "Ya Gharami"

The music is mostly inspired by the classical Arabic music genre, a couple of the tracks have an African flavor. Oud, violins, Tabla, Duff are the main components of this production. The lyrics are taken from poems which are eternal Jewels of poetry in praise of Allah and His Prophet. Ya Gharami is truly an expression of deep love and appreciation to the master of creation, Sayyidna Muhammad (pbuh).

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