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Namira: In Praise of Prophet (SAS)


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Namira: In Praise of the Prophet is an absolutely beautiful recording by the Namira Ladies Group from Indonesia. It is a high quality production of immense value in modern times in that it presents to the listener traditional devotional songs in honor of the Prophet in a highly sophisticated and talented style.
In Islam there is great honor and reward for immersing oneself in the remembrance and praise of God and His Prophets for it strengthens the belief and presence in the individual. It is this faith that motivates one towards excellence and spirituality.
A production of Borderpoint.

2. Ad-Diynu Lana (4:03) 
3. Allah Ya Allah (4:35) 
4. Ya Rasulullah Salaam (3:41) 
5. Mawlid Diba'i (5:37) 
6. Tala'al Badru Alayna (2:55) 
7. Ya Nabi Salaam Alayk (3:40) 
8. Rahmaka Ya Rabb (4:47) 
9. Salatullah Salaamullah (3:30) 
10. Ya Rabbi Bil Mustafa (2:26) 
11. Serenity (3:10)

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