Who Are You? A Book of Very Serious Questions

Karima Sperling

  • 2000

Author: Karima Sperling

Illustrated by Alia Nazeer

This book is meant to present the Traditional Sunni Muslim view of the creation of Man and the world. It addresses the basic questions of who we are and why we were made. The simple text is appropriate for children of all ages and is accompanied by 25 full color original illustrations. It asks important questions and provides simple answers. Read together by parent and child it should generate easy conversations on a serious subject. The notes in the back support the text with Quran and Hadith encouraging those who are interested to investigate further. For those who are not familiar with Islam it is a good introduction to the basic concepts of the nature of human existence and its purpose. It is a beautiful addition to any home library, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

 ISBN: 978-0991300310

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