The True Story of Jihad in Islamic History

Halima Publishing

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Author: Yasmin G. Watson

Illustrator: Hana Horack-Elyafi 

This compelling three-part series on Islamic History provides a detailed account of the life-story of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, beautifully illustrated by artist Hana Horack-Elyafi in full color. Author Yasmin Watson takes a closer look at the concept of jihad in Islam, shedding light on its true meaning.

For too long, the word 'Jihad' has been misunderstood, not only by the West but by Muslims themselves. This book goes back to the very beginning of Islam when the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ successfully transformed and enlightened Arab society and exemplified the true meaning of Jihad - of striving for excellence, not only in his actions but in character as well.

From social change and education to character development and defense, the Prophet ﷺ exemplified the four main types of jihad throughout his life. Known for bringing peace and justice to Arabia, the Prophet ﷺ also paved the way for women's rights, supported the poor, and guided humanity to have faith in Allah. And when defending against enemies, the Prophet did so with bravery and strict adherence to the rules of war, including protecting civilians, livestock, and crops. The book also includes three accounts of early battles in Islam, narrated from the perspective of a young soldier. 

This book has received praise from Sheikh Taher as-Siddiqui, a scholar of Ahle Sunnah wa'l-Jama`ah.

About the Author

Yasmin Watson is a Montessori teacher, child counselor, and author who has been studying and practicing Islam for over twenty years, sharing her passion and knowledge through her books for children and young people.

ISBN: 9781999802776
Publisher: Halima Publishing
Pages: 104, Full Color.

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