The Prophet Muhammad's Knowledge of the Unseen (Pre-order now)

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Author: Qadi Yusuf al-Nabhani

Translation of Hujjatullah `ala al-`alamin fi mu'jizat sayyid al-mursalin 

(The Overwhelming Proof of Allah over the Worlds in the Stunning Miracles of the Master of Prophets)

712 hadiths related to the Prophet Muhammad's (upon whom be peace and blessings) knowledge of the unseen translated, documented and indexed for the first time in English.

"the Prophet's knowledge of the unseen counts among those miracles of his that are known categorically and definitely, reaching us through mass transmission with vast numbers of narrators and congruent meanings." Qadi `Iyad, al-Shifa b-Ta`rif Huquq al-Mustafa.

"The knowledge of the Tablet and the Pent are a mere few lines out of the lines of the Prophet's knowledge and a mere river from the seas of his knowledge." Mulla `Ali al-Qari, al-Zubda fi Sharh al-Burda.

ISBN: 978-1-938058-62-2

pages: 574