The Nine-Fold Ascent


  • 1400

The teachings presented here outline a course towards spiritual realization that has rarely been made available before. This book focuses on details of the Naqshbandi Sufi path, with emphasis on the responsibility of the disciple to make progress and advances in his spiritual discipline based on pure love and longing for the Divine Presence. Starting with initiation at the hands of the master, the book outlines the steps needed for the devoted seeker to attain actual gnosis, reaching the level where he or she is able to connect and communicate with masters, both living and passed on, who are able to provide direct spiritual support in assisting the seeker in reaching ever higher levels.

The book is essentially a manual in reaching the State of Perfection, Maqam al-Ihsan, which the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be God's peace and blessings) described as "to worship God as if you see Him and if you do not see Him, to know He sees you." This station is the first goal of the seeker in setting forth on the way of spiritual ascension. While this station is not the seeker's ultimate destination, realizing it is considered the first step into the circle of true seekers, those whose vision is supported by God and who receive inspiration from the Divine Presence.

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