The Dome of Provisions, Part 2


  • 1100

Author: Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
One’s ego and self pride, stinginess in worship, attraction to worldly life and doubting the master have undone countless seekers on the spiritual path. Part 2 of this work defines the time-honored protocols a student must uphold to make progress. These include strict etiquette observed when in the presence of the spiritual master, how to improve one’s attention and focus, the great rewards of struggling against one’s ego, and how to tame one’s anger, which is the root of all evil. Learn to identify the hidden chosen ones all around us who are so beloved, God grants them whatever they ask.
Additional accounts of previous masters and their disciples magnify our own limitations and how they may be overcome by first entering the “Demolition Room”, where the master pours secret knowledge into their heart with the goal of raising them to the Dome of Provisions.
ISBN: 9781930409880
172 pages

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