Symphony of Remembrance


  • 1600

Author: Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani 

This book presents the spiritual background behind the practice of Divine Remembrance, as it initiates the reader into the teachings of the ancient yet living tradition of mystical Islam - the Sufi Way of the Naqshbandi masters of Central Asia. Aimed at those unfamiliar with the terminology of this Path, this book presents the healing power of God's remembrance as a central pillar in the science of spiritual wayfaring and ascent.

The path of self-realization asserts that knowledge of the soul is the most essential realm of understanding: "the foundations of psychotherapy in truth should rest upon an understanding of the interrelatedness of the soul, its Source, and the world it inhabits." By means of gnostic interpretations of Quranic scripture, the life stories of divine messengers and their inheritors the saints, the author offers perceptive psychological insights into the journey from patterns of anger, depression and attachment by means of exercises of Divine Remembrance and meditation, by which the six powers latent in every human heart are unveiled, strengthened and concentrated. Filled with counsel and guidance, this work invites those within and outside of the Sufi tradition to step up their spiritual 'game.' Through Remembrance of the Divine, higher levels of attainment can be achieved and maintained, and the connection to the seeker's true inner self can be established and expanded, providing the practitioner with a lifeline to the Divine Presence.

ISBN: 9781930409491

188 pages

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