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Heavenly Showers


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Author: Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani

When they speak, most teachers, lecturers, professors and scholars address the minds of their listeners, attempting to provoke new thought patterns, impart fresh information and describe what they know. However the Sufi masters speak "from the heart to the heart." For this reason, rather than falling into a listless torpor after ten minutes, their students are actually energized, for the Shaykh's words address their aspirations, desires and deepest needs with spiritual nourishment. Under the heavenly manifestations that accompany the Shaykh's simple but pithy words, those seeking realities are showered with holy impressions, whose mere touch sets the heart afire with Divine Love. Partake here of one such Sufi saint, who, from his humble abode on the island of Cyprus addresses the hearts and souls of seekers around the world.

198 pages

ISBN:  9781930409903

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