EPUB: Isra' & Mi'raj


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Abridged narration of Prophet Muhammad's miraculous Night Journey and Ascent to the Heavens

Author: Shaykh Abdul Shakur Hadi

Read and experience the miraculous journey of Isra' & Mi'raj in an abridged narration. 

Inspired by Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad's The Prophet’s Night Journey & Heavenly Ascent, Shaykh Abdul Shakur Hadi brings you his latest primer that concisely narrates each step of the Holy Prophet's epic journey.

Sublimely arranged with Qur`anic verses, Salawat, and a chapter from the Qasidat-ul-Burdah about the Ascension complete with a singable English translation, Isra' & Mi'raj takes you on an immersive spiritual experience in a style of the beatific commemoration of the Mawlid.

This ePub ebook is compatible with most eReaders in the market.

Format: EPUB (3MB) file.
Publisher: al-Qalam

ISBN: 978-981-18-3865-1


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