Detoxifying Himalayan Pink Bath Salts

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Pink salt is known for its purity and therapeutic properties; is 100% natural and free from pollutants, chemicals and artificial additives. Other notable properties include being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which may result in improved skin conditions. They may also help promote peaceful sleep. These therapeutic bath salts are a nice mix of fine & medium salt crystals with a small amount of epsom salts, and essential oils. The natural pink color is due to the presence of 80+ trace minerals.  

USES: Sore Muscles- Himalayan bath salt can help to relieve sore and tired muscles and makes you feel relaxed after a long day or hard workout.
Relaxation- Himalayan bath salt can help to promote better sleep and makes you relax.
Ease Pain- Our bath salt can help to soothe minor aches and pain.
Skin- Improves skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and leaves the skin very moisturized and hydrated due to the nourishing and skin-replenishing minerals.

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