Breaths from beyond the Curtain

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Author: Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

The Lord Almighty, in His kindness, compassion and mercy, may give everyone billions, but He knows well that human beings are never going to be in pleasure when they are given without limits. Therefore, God gives, according to His wisdoms, a little little bit. But man is running to reach more and more, saying, "It is not enough!" Humankind living on this planet are asking for pleasure in their lives, and mostly now people are looking and seeing that pleasure is through riches. They think that if they get richer, there is going to be more pleasure for them, and that is wrong. Their egos are like a thirsty person, thirsty for physical and material desires. They are running to the ocean to take away their thirst but no matter how much salty water they drink, they become even more thirsty.

But when a thirsty person drinks once cup of pure, plain water, that cup is enough to take his thirst away. Our physical being is only for a short time, a very short time, and its perfection is only for keeping our souls in, but it is not a perpetual being. Yesterday we were nothing. Tomorrow we are going to be nothing. Between two nothings, how are we going to claim "I am here"? Our physical being is going to be dust. But the perfection of our spiritual being, that is something else. If you reach that perfection, you are most fortunate. Those who took care of their spiritual perfection, should be happy with a new beginning, with a new structure, with a new being. They should reach unknown places that they only heard about before, and their perfection should continue in the afterlife also. Therefore, the Lord sent, from His Divine Presence, from Heavens, chosen servants adorned with that secret power to arrange the lives of people on earth for reaching their ultimate perfection. Therefore those who are asking for pleasure in their hearts, they understand that they will find it only in the Divine Presence, and the way to the Divine Presence passes through Divine messengers, those who are on the way of God. If you listen to someone whose speech gives your heart, satisfaction, taking darkness away from your heart and your mind, and cleaning your intellect, you can understand that his level is high. If you find such a one hold onto his hand until he takes you to your final destination in the Divine Presence.

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ISBN: 978-1-930409-81-1

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