Bismi and the Secret of the Kohinoor

Simala Qureishy

  • 899

Author: Simala Kureishy

Lore of Love Series

The story is about a spiritual young girl in 18th century India who values friendship and nature above all else, and who, upon finding a priceless treasure, gives it away. The protagonist, Bismi, is young, innocent, and in tune with nature; she is at home in the forest with her animal friends. During one particular forest outing, Bismi is transported on a mystical journey to Uranus, where she picks a large crystal.

Upon her return, Bismi makes her way home through the forest and stumbles into the emperor's hunting party. The unfortunate victim of the emperor's arrow is her friend, the fawn. Distraught and shocked, Bismi realizes that the emperor does not value life, but material gain. She gives the diamond to the emperor. The emperor is greatly affected by his encounter with this fearless young girl. The epilogue tells us that the crystal Bismi found is the strange and unlucky Kohinoor diamond.

ISBN: 9781449073404

60 pp.

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