Banquet for the Soul

Institute for Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (ISCA)

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Author: Shaykh Hisham Muhammad Kabbani

This book represents a landmark in the publication of rare, hidden, spiritual secrets more precious than all the gold stored in Fort Knox, the sum total of African-mined diamonds, or the volume of stock trades on NASDAQ.

What on earth could be so valuable? The secrets revealed in this book are a foolproof strategy, preserved over time, protected against thieves whose only goal is to rob you of your divine right to achieve excellence on all levels. The author presents select aspects of mystical wisdom from the teachings of the Naqshbandi Golden Chain lineage of spiritual master.

The book is a compilation of talks given during the holy month of Ramadan, thirty days of abstention and focus on spiritual communion with the Creator, which, at the simplest level, involves abstention from food or drink from dawn til sunset. One must also avoid anger, contemplate mortality, give charity, feed the poor, and re-establish ties with family and community. At a higher level, the fast purifies the seekers' hearts replacing negative traits such as greed, anger, worldliness and jealousy with the positive ones of generosity, contentment, and a desire to serve. Through the purification of fasting and the mentoring of their spiritual master, students are prepared to receive the guarded secrets. In predawn hours they sit with the author, observing ancient forms meditation and remembrance that sanctify the gathering, ushering it into the spiritual realm, at which time authentic internal knowledge is ready to be transmitted.

280 pages

ISBN: 978-1-930409-56-9

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