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Stigy Wood Zikr Tasbeeh Beads (200 count)


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6 mm (0.24 in) beads - 59 cm (24 in) long

Prayer beads have been used by mystics and seekers for millenia to cultivate presence, awareness, light and spiritual energy. The ideal materials for a proper set of prayer beads are natural substances, and wood in particular works well for its fibers absorb the energy of one's prayers and meditation, and over time they become imbued with spiritual energy making them an object of presence. For this reason, it is recommended to treat one's meditation beads with reverence, that the user may be open to the energetic blessings they tend to bestow.
These extremely high-quality prayer beads, handmade by dervishes in Southeast Asia, are made from fine Stigy Wood which is extremely durable. These unique prayer beads feature an additional 10 mini-bead counter.
These are among the finest beads available in the world! Comparable sets sell elsewhere for 3-4 times the price we offer them.

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