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Keys to the Divine Kingdom

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"If your children do not know how to swim, you give them a vessel to ride from the shore of darkness to safety, from the shore of difficulties to peacefulness, from the shore of hatred to love, from the shore of anarchy to harmony, from the shore of terrorism and violence to peacefulness and satisfaction. Therein is Paradise for them, and to lead them there is the responsibility of saints."
Keys to the Divine Kingdom is a transcript of highly coveted talks by a living Sufi saint, a true man of God, delivered at mainstream universities, conferences, and interfaith sessions. A prominent scholar of classical Islam, Shaykh Kabbani�s teachings draw upon the vast reservoir of Sufi wisdom, which is the inner spirit of Islam, without which the religion itself could not survive. Our physical forms in this earthly life reflect our heavenly forms. This book examines laws governing the universe, and from this starting point, jumps into the realm of spiritual knowledge -- Sufi teachings which must be tasted as opposed to merely professed. This practical book exposes the mystical path which transports us from the world of forms and senses to the world within the heart, a world filled with wonders and blessings.
About the Author
Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani is a well-renowned scholar who has studied under two great Sufi masters. Other books by the Shaykh include: Classical Islam, The Naqshbandi Sufi Way, Angels Unveiled, Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine (7 volumes), Guidebook of the Naqshbandi Sufi Tradition, Women Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (with Dr. L. Bakhtiar), and many more. Shaykh Kabbani is chairman of the Institute for Spiritual and Cultural Advancement, an educational non-profit organization. In early 2005, Shaykh Kabbani received wide acclaim as guest speaker of the International New Age Trade Show East convention in Orlando, Florida.