Ibrahim Khalil Allah

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  • 1999

Author: Karima Sperling

If Jews, Christians, and Muslims can agree on one thing it is wanting to be considered among the children and inheritors of Abraham the Friend of God (Ibrahim Khalil Allah, ‘alayhi s-salam). Although they each approach his story a little differently and extract different inspirations, for all of them he is a model of uncompromising love and transcendent faith. The aim of this book is to present an interesting, informative, and comprehensive retelling of the story of the life of Ibrahim (as) according to traditional Muslim sources.

Even among Muslim scholars, however, there has historically been a range of accepted narratives and interpretations. All of this variation makes for an unusually complex story with its share of controversy. Rather than causing confusion or conflict, these differences actually bring to light the beautiful nature of Islam itself – as it was revealed by God and lived by His Prophet (sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa s-sallam), an Islam we must try to remember and do our part to maintain in today’s world, an Islam that is inclusive, expansive, and accepting of diversity.

God willing, this book conveys an invitation from our father Ibrahim (as), the best of hosts, the one who loves us, to sit down together in his company, to experience his hospitality in a slightly new way, and to let him share with us his story.

‎ 318 pages

ISBN: 978-0991300365

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