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  • 2100

Within the traditional doctrine of Islam lies a stupendous vision of creation. The Prophetic Reality stands before us a fountain, a point of origin for all creation, a root source of all we know or can imagine. While the theories of modern scientists seek to deftly calculate the state and position of matter and energy of the primordial universe, the Prophet sees and comprehends the cosmos at its cutting edge, its actual emergence from non-existence to existence. Thus, beyond bouncing electrons and jets of plasma, a superhuman intelligence is brought into the picture. Creation unfolds in a series of all-encompassing Divine Names. This floods into the realm of our world as it passes by the Perfect Messenger. He sees, he understands and he passes on to us its secrets. Drawing on the teachings of his spiritual master, author Shaykh Hisham Kabbani explores the implications of this doctrine and brings it to us in terms of today's conditions.

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