The Qur'an: English Translation

The Qur'an: English Translation

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Translated by Dr. Nazeer Ahmed

The Qur'an is not an ordinary Book. It is a luminescent Lamp that radiates Light. It is Guidance. It is self sustained eloquence where the Word is bigger than itself. It is the Voice from the Heavens, the Word of God.
It is with utmost humility that I have attempted a translation of the Qur'an. It is an honor that Divine Mercy bestows on the select few and those who do make this attempt dive into an infinite ocean of spiritual bliss that transforms them, overwhelms them and leaves them thoroughly exhausted yet completely satiated.
The Qur'an just cannot be translated. It's variegated meaning, elliptical passages, subtlety and grandeur do not lend themselves to a translation into another language. The Awliya (sages) have said that every Word of the Qur'an has forty thousand meanings. Each word is like a diamond that shines in different colors under different wavelengths. You see in it what you can perceive and what you feel is limited only by the capacity of your heart to absorb it. As stated by the Qur'an:

Say: "If the ocean were ink For (writing) the Words of my Rabb (Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher),
Then, the ocean will be exhausted before the Words of my Rabb are completed,
Even if We bring another ocean to help it." (18:109) 

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