The Light of Muhammad


  • 2200

Author: Hajjah Amin Adil
Adapted and edited by Karima Sperling
The Light of Muhammad (saw) is a children's version of Hajjah Amina Adil's six hundred page volume, The Life of Muhammad(saw), which she compiled from Ottoman and Arabic sources. This was the last project of her long and productive life. It is the culmination of a life spent in the service and contemplation of God and His Prophet ﷺ.
 Although there are many books on the life of the Prophet ﷺ, this one is unique, because it focuses on the spiritual and cosmic nature of our great Prophet ﷺ. Here simplified, it provides a perfect choice for children for whom the magical and wondrous are still a part of everyday life. Its aim is to nourish love for the blessed Prophet ﷺ in the hearts of all children everywhere.
ISBN: 9781930409415
168 pages

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