The Dome of Provisions, Part 1


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Author: Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
The Dome of Provisions refers to a sacred place under God’s Throne that is only accessible by His chosen servants. It is the main source of heavenly secrets and blessings sent to the hearts of people. This collection of spiritual discourses is based on ancient teachings of famous Sufi masters of the Naqshbandi Golden Chain, to whom the author is directly connected. Lessons outline the mind-body-spirit connection and inspire readers to Maqam al-Ihsan, the Station of Moral Excellence, in which one surrenders the ego and personal desires to Divine Will. Memorable accounts of previous masters and their disciples, the struggles they faced and the lofty heights they reached round out this intriguing work.
ISBN: 9781930409873
158 pages

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