Nuzhatu Al-Majalis Wa Muntakhab Al-Nafa'is


  • 1100

Abu Sa'id al-KHARRAZ said: "When God desires to befriend (Yuwali) a servant of His, He opens the door of dhikr For That serves After the lathing takes pleasure (istaladhdha) in dhikr, He opens the door of proximity. (al-qurb) for _him_. After That, He raises _him_ to the meetings of intimacy (al-Majalis each) and After That Makes he was _him_ sit throne of Oneness (Tawheed al-kursi min). Then He Removes the veils (al-hujub) from _him_ and He Makes _him_ enter the abode of Singleness (dar al-fardâniyya) and unveils Majesty (al-Jalal) and Sublimity (al-`aZama) to _him_. When the serving Majesty beholds and Sublimity, he remains without 'he' (bila baqiya hu). He Becomes Extinguished (Fani), immune (Bari ') to the claims and pretensions de son ego (da`âwa nafsihi) and protected for God's sake (maHfûZan lillah). "

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