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Author: Hajjah Naziha Adil Kabbani

In full color, this book is a collection of recipes which are tasteful, nutritious and spiritually uplifting. Food prepared with the proper intention, focus and prayerful attitude brings not only joy to the palate but provides food for the heart. Author Hajjah Naziha Adil Kabbani, daughter of a Sufi master and wife of another, presents a grand spread of recipes fit for the table of a Sufi shaykh. Taken from the cuisine of the Middle East, these recipes are designed for feeding a large, hungry crowd of dervishes. Hajjah Nazihe Adil adapts foods from her mother's native Kazan, from Turkey and from Lebanon, creatively mixing and matching the various ethnic varieties to come up with an assortment of mouth-watering appetizers and main course dishes.

172 pages

ISBN: 9781930409446

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