Eternity: Inspirations from Heavenly Sources

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Author: Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

Human beings are in need of that support. Without support mankind is utterly weak. On the other hand, endless Power Oceans belong to the Lord. The Creator is not in need of the endless Treasure Oceans He has created. Creator is not like creatures, no! The Lord is, was and always will be, the King of Kings, the Lord of all creation, the Lord of the Heavens, from pre-eternity up to eternity. Eternal kingdom, hegemony and power are only for Him. And our Lord is so Majestic and Generous that He is granting to His creatures eternal life and promising them eternity. No one can give a person greater pleasure than to say "eternity". That is the greatest grant from our Lord to His servants. Allah, Allah. It is so sweet a word: "eternity". O people! Run after eternity. All angels are singing and if the Children of Adam would hear the melodious voice of even one of them singing and glorifying their Lord, they should fall down dead, leaving their bodies behind and raising up through their souls to reach to the stages of heavens, in eternity.

 198 pages

ISBN : 9781930409835

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