Science in the Quran

Halima Publishing

  • 1700

By Yasmin Watson and Dr. Amina Val Baker

illustrations by Lateefa Spiker

Calligraphy by Hana Horack-Elyafi

The Holy Qur'an invites us to take time to contemplate our life on Earth, to look at Nature's signs that appear all around us, and see the greatness of Creation.

We now know things about the Universe, genetics, cell life and quantum physics that people 1500 years ago could hardly imagine.

Amazingly, there are verses in the Holy Qur'an that seem to be referring to these modern scientific discoveries, such as the expanding Universe, planetary orbits, predicting the atomic weight of iron and the speed of light as well as revealing the fundamentals of life on Earth.

This book compares side by side, the verses from the Holy Qur'an, and discoveries in modern science with plenty of facts to inspire and amaze, illustrated with full colour images and graphics.

Recommended for children aged 8+ and adults of all ages.

Written by Yasmin Watson, a Montessori teacher and Dr. Amira val Baker, who has a PhD in Astrophysics. Original illustrations by Lateefa Spiker and calligraphy by Hana Horack-Elyafi.

ISBN: ‎9781999802707

full color; 82 pages

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