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Heavenly Food CD


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Heavenly Food is presented by culinary expert Hajjah Naziha Adil of Turkey, who has painstakingly compiled her intimate family recipes that have won high praise in American homes for nearly a decade. In addition, Hajjah Naziha has seasoned this work of love with ancient anecdotes and supplications that lend an old-world flavor to each Heavenly Food cooking recipe.

Heavenly Food contains an easy to understand glossary of terms and all difficult to describe methods are fully illustrated. New cooks and gourmets alike will experience award winning results with this broad presentation of hearty first courses and main dishes, nourishing beverages, and the freshest desserts.

All recipes have been tested in American kitchens by American cooks. Instructions are simple and easy to follow.

CD-ROM, computer necessary to retrieve recipes. Over 145 recipes in PDF format.

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