Green Hand Gardens Naturally Detoxifying Kaolin Clay Hair & Scalp Mask

Green Hand Gardens

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This detoxifying hair mask can restore moisture to your hair and help heal any scalp issues. What can Kaolin clay do for your hair & scalp? The use of this clay helps cleanse the scalp of dirt, yeast, dead skin, and other pore clogging buildup. This potentially can reduce dandruff, and help promote a healthier scalp, hence, healthier hair. Kaolin is non-irritating and is considered one of the gentlest and mildest clays for the hair care & skin. Kaolin clay will thoroughly clean your hair and scalp while adding elasticity, shine, softness, strength, and volume to your hair.

This mask is fortified with several natural ingredients including: fresh pressed organic black seed oil, organic aloe vera, Green Hand hair growth oil, wheat germ oil, raw honey, organic lavender & tea tree essential oils, and apple cider vinegar. Apply coating to wet hair from roots to ends and let leave on for 20-30 minutes for deep conditioning. Cover with a shower cap (included). Thoroughly rinsing off in the shower is recommended.

The reusable jar holds 8 fluid ounces, and weighs approximately 13 ounces. Makes a wonderful gift.

Properties of Kaolin Clay: 

  • naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory
  • draws out impurities 
  • detoxes the scalp & skin 
  • improve skin hydration & luster
  • thoroughly cleans product residue
  • non-irritating and non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores)

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