Handcrafted Organic Ultra Moisturizing in Black Seed Oil & Manuka Honey Lip Balm

Green Hand Gardens

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This ultra moisturizing all natural lip balm have been blended with naturally therapeutic fresh pressed organic black seed oil, coconut butter, lanolin, manuka honey & extra virgin olive oil. These ingredients are very soothing and well known to reduce inflammation and heal dry, irritated cracked lips.

Black seed oil is anti-inflammatory, soothing, and promotes healing of dry cracked lips. Cocoa butter contains oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids, all of which nourish the skin. Lanolin is an emollient and works by softening and deeply moisturizing the skin. Manuka honey is ultra-soothing, hydrating, and is perfect for chapped lips! Extra virgin olive oil contains loads of antioxidants, plus squalene, which is very hydrating as it helps lubricate and protect skin cells.

This recipe is healing and locks in moisture, protects and restores the skin cells. It is a very effective remedy that 100% delivers everything that has been stated! Trust me, you will not be disappointed and the jar will last you for a very long time because you will only need a small amount and it lasts all day long! Other ingredients include infused calendula herb, organic beeswax, organic essential oils.

Available in 1.5 fl ounces and made of high-quality food-grade glass, or .25 fl oz plastic jar. 

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