Organic Elderberry & Fresh Pressed Black Seed Immunity Syrup

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This elderberry syrup provides a natural way to boost your immune system and keep your entire family on track & healthy. This is a very unique recipe made with all natural organic ingredients and raw honey. The black seed oil was fresh pressed (by myself) on December 9th.. This syrup is a very powerful combination of proven immune boosting ingredients that includes Thieves Herbal Tea blend, ginger, and other spices. It tastes yummy, and it doesn’t get much fresher or better than this. It definitely has a punch, but the taste is simply delicious!

The recipe contains 25% Extra strength blackseed oil and can be cut with more honey if you like it diluted. Lasts approximately 60-90 days in the refrigerator. Warm before swallowing would be especially soothing if one is experiencing cold or flu symptoms.