CD - 'Ya Ayyuha Nabi' by Zaynab Ensemble

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Recited by the Zaynab Ensemble, an all-girls Qasida singing group based in the DC Metropolitan Area, the CD Ya Ayyuha Nabi represents a collection of songs praising the Beloved Holy Prophet (s).  From varied ethnic backgrounds, including Iran, Egypt, Kashmir, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, America and Western Europe, the group's diversity is representative of the Muslim Ummah. Their intention is to demonstrate and increase their own and others’ love for the Prophet Muhammad (s) and his honorable family through traditional singing and drumming.

Included in this Album:

  • Ya Ayyuha Nabi
  • Al-Burdah
  • Kullul Qulub
  • Salla Alayk Allah
  • Azka Taslimi
  • Muhammadun
  • An-Nabi Sallu Alayh
  • Salatullah Salamullah

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