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As Through A Veil - Mystical Poetry In Islam


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Drawing on an Enormous Range of sources, this book covers the major development of Islamic mystical poetry in detail, from the individual Sufi poets like Rumi legendary, to Such as the topic of sacred verse Intricacies delightful and the vagaries of cryptic nonsense and poetry. An insightful account of Reviews some of the MOST exquisite literature ever penned.

The late Annemarie Schimmel Was professor of Indo-Muslim studies at Harvard University. Regarded as the foremost expert in the fields of Islamic mysticism and poetry, she Extensively published in Both English and German, and lectured at universities all over the world. This text presents the complicated story of how a poetic tradition in a number of Evolved different languages ​​over a period of 1,200 years. It Involves the history of Sufism, the mysticism and orthodoxy entre tensions in Islamic thought and the problem of interpreting a poetic language qui est Both sensual and sacred.

The first three chapters INITIALLY Consider the development of mystical poetry in Arabic from the 9th century, Including the work of Hallaj, And Then move on to the Chat Persian poetry in a similar Manner, with Particular Focus on the work of Rumi. The diffusion of Arabic and Persian literary influences in The Many other languages ​​spoken in the vast area affected by Islam is the subject of the final two chapters, qui cover Firstly folk poetry and, subsequently, poetry in praise of the Prophet.

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