Blackseed, Turmeric & Manuka Honey Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub

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This body scrub is very gentle and deep cleans the skin. Himalayan pink salt is known for detoxifying and deeply cleaning the pores. With the combination of organic camellia, black seed, jojoba & turmeric oils, this scrub leaves the skin super hydrated and baby soft. You will not be disappointed! The essential oil blend includes organic frankincense, lavender, lemongrass, rose absolute, and turmeric.

Pink salt, from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, is the purest salt on the planet. It’s 100% natural and free from pollutants, chemicals and artificial additives. Other notable properties include being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which may result in improved skin conditions. The natural pink color is due to the presence of 80+ trace minerals.

A little about the additives:

Organic Black seed oil- contains Omega 6 &8, and Palmitic & Stearic acids which have emollient, soothing, softening and anti-inflammatory qualities when used topically. Known to hydrate, nourish, and promote radiant skin.

Manuka honey- contains vitamin B3, potassium & zinc and rich in antioxidant compounds known as flavonoids and phenols. These compounds can help neutralize free radicals. Anti-microbial & antibacterial qualities are especially useful for skin irritation like acne. Emollient & revitalizing to the skin for more radiant glow.

Organic Turmeric oil- active ingredient is curcumin which is a potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant known to heal wounds and promote healing of the skin. It’s widely used in skincare products to brighten the skin, calm inflammation (acne), remove dark spots (hyperpigmentation), combat blemishes, and soothe rashes.

Aloe Vera- abundant in beta-carotine, and vitamins C & E. Widely used for soothing, hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Beneficial in healing burns & wounds, reducing acne and blemishes.


Great for maintaining or softening normal skin, and skin conditions such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin. It leaves the skin very moisturized and hydrated. After about 5 minutes in a warm shower, apply a small amount from your neck to soles of feet using gentle circular motions, then rinse thoroughly. Allow your body to air dry as much as possible or lightly pat dry. This is an all in one skin cleanser, polisher, and moisturizer. You will not need to use soap or lotion on the body parts where you apply this scrub. This scrub will leave your skin silky smooth and soft!

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***Keep out of reach of small children.




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