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Ali Elsayed: Light Upon Light

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Skillfully recorded in a sound studio with professional musicians, Light Upon Light is a superb production of traditional Sufi songs sung to an upbeat Moroccan beat. Light Upon Light features the well known artists Yasir Chadly and Abu Shuaib, both established composers who tour for major recording labels. Furthermore, Light Upon Light was recorded and digitally mastered by Ziad Sidawi of WADS Productions, a musical genius well known for his other works. 
This is a great recording guaranteed to get the listener into the groove!
1. Light Upon Light 
2. Sallalahu 
3. Allahu Allah 
4. Annabi Sallu Alaih 
5. Marhaban 
6. Salatulah ala Ahmad 
7. Talame Ashku Garami 
8. Talaa Badru Alain 
9. Ahmad Ya Habibi 
10. The Sun of Guidance
11. Ya Rasullalah

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